Bible Studies – Wednesdays

Wednesdays • 6:45-8:00pm

Grace/Truth 1.0
by Preston Sprinkle
Led by Tim Meendering, Fireside Room 253
Begins October 3, 2018
Pastor Tim will lead a discussion through a five-week learning experience that introduces Christians to LGBT+ people, the language to use and avoid, a theologically faithful view of marriage and sexuality, and practical guidance on how to embody the love of Christ toward sexual and gender minorities. We will utilize thoughtful written material, small group questions, high-quality teaching videos including a documentary on LGBT people in the church, along with optional podcasts and in-depth papers. The multidimensional learning experience helps ensure that different learning styles are utilized and those who want to go deeper are given many avenues to do so. This five-week series may be followed by a second five-week series. Additional info can be found at and
The Gospel Comes with a House Key
by Rosaria Butterfield
Led by Emillie Clayton, Room 252
Begins October 3, 2018
Radical Ordinary Hospitality is a phrase used repeatedly throughout the book The Gospel Comes with a House Key. This is not just a phrase, it is a way of life for people living toward a gospel-centered and hospitable lifestyle. Rosaria Butterfield shares her perspective on experiencing, accepting, and sharing this way of living. Staff and Consistory are both reading through this convicting and inspiring book.
The objective of this study will be to examine what Radical Ordinary Hospitality is and determine the who, when, where, and why of living out these convicting Biblical truths. We will read a chapter of the book during each week and come ready to discuss the chapter on Wednesday evening.
Tough As Nails
by Andy Stanley
Led by Polly Johnson, Room 250
Begins October 3, 2018
Uncertainty is unavoidable. Being fearful is optional. In this series, Andy Stanley reminds us that the faith of Jesus’ early followers was characterized by fearlessness, confidence in Jesus, and love for others. As a Jesus follower, would you say the same about your faith?