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December 2016

Candy Cane Commitment:
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Jorvens’ Journey

In late June of 2016, a team from RRC traveled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti to work alongside the Haiti Foundation Against Poverty (HFAP). Our first morning in Haiti was spent at Les Bours School of Hope. For the past seven summers, we have sent teams to serve at the school by providing VBS to students, training for teachers, and humanitarian aid for the community as needed.
Our VBS lesson for this particular day was “God knows you and loves you.” The team had created personalized posters for the students to decorate in their own creative way as a tribute to how special and unique they all are. We reminded the kids that they are wonderfully and beautifully made in His image. It was an awesome moment watching the kids look at their own reflections in mirrors and light up into a smile.
When doing the lesson in the three-year-old class, we realized that Jorvens was missing. We had his poster ready for him, but no Jorvens to decorate it. As we always do when visiting the school, we began asking questions about the absent student. Were they ill, did they suddenly move, or had something worse happened to the missing child or his family?
After seeking answers from Elisha, the principal, we quickly found out that Jorvens had missed the last few weeks of school due to pain and swelling in his left eye. His mother, Precia, had already sought the help and guidance of HFAP and they gave her the resources needed to seek medical attention in Haiti. When seeking treatment, Precia, fled one hospital after doctors tried to remove Jorvens eye. She couldn’t imagine a future for her son in Haiti without an eye and with a disfigured face.
By the time our team arrived in Haiti, the swelling and pain had increased greatly. We knew that this was no longer something that could be treated in Haiti. We knew we had to get Jorvens to the states for an accurate diagnosis and adequate medical care. We also knew it wouldn’t be easy.
Luckily, HFAP was able to partner with another organization, Ray of Hope. Ray of Hope specializes in medical missions. With their help, Jorvens was able to secure all the necessary documents needed to travel. Jorvens arrived in the United States on a Sunday with one of his guardians, Frentz Neptune. Mallery Neptune met them at the airport and Jorvens ate his first American meal, Jimmy John’s. He had a biopsy first thing Monday morning and headed home to Midland to live with his host family, Mallery and Frentz Neptune.
Shortly after arriving in Midland, Jorvens began to spike a fever and was in a lot of pain. Mal and Frentz took him to Midland ER where a number of tests were run. The hospital there decided that Jorvens needed to be transferred by ambulance to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital (HDCH). Jorvens had developed a staph infection and was unstable. With this infection raging and biopsy results not back yet, the reality that we might lose Jorvens set in.
The next few days were long, prayer-filled, answer-seeking days. The biopsy results were in. Jorvens had rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of pediatric cancer. Radiation and chemotherapy were recommended but questions about when to start and who would provide this care lingered for days. After five days of waiting, Jorvens finally began radiation. This was one day after he lost sight in his good eye. The tumor was growing rapidly and we were praying that any damage done to the right optic nerve could be reversed. Jorvens remained at the hospital to receive both radiation and chemotherapy for the entire next week and we continued to pray for healing.
Jorvens left the hospital after this week and headed back to Mal and Frentz’s home in Midland. There he struggled with sleep, blindness, and homesickness, but he quickly became friends with Jayvan, Mal and Frentz’s son. It was good to be out of the hospital even if just for the weekend.
The following week was a blur for all those helping with Jorvens care. Jorvens spent time in Rockford, Midland, and Sand Lake, but most of all Jorvens spent time at HDCH receiving the best possible cancer care. It was during his stay in Rockford that Jorvens was able to meet the most inspirational man. Scott Schuette is the first EVER survivor of rhabdomyosarcoma and Scott Schuette lives right here in Rockford, Michigan. He and Jorvens share an early diagnosis of the disease, a long treatment plan, the loss of sight in an eye and hopefully they will both share a happy ending.
It was after visiting with Scott, that the decision was made to move Jorvens into a more consistent setting. Jorvens needed to be close to HDCH and Midland was not close enough. Guardianship of Jorvens would now be shared with a Ray of Hope family living in Sand Lake. Sandy and Ryan Folkema have been doing an amazing job providing for Jorvens. They have been taking him to his treatments and dealing with the many side-effects. From blisters in the mouth and down the throat, to extremely painful radiation burns, they have shown amazing love and patience to Jorvens.
Ryan and Sandy have also been able to celebrate the many good things that are happening in Jorvens life. The tumor IS shrinking and Jorvens IS sensing light in his right eye. He IS smiling more and adjusting to his new surroundings. Jorvens has gone from a 50 percent chance of survival to 70-80 percent chance. We thank God for little miracles and praise Him always.
On September 7, Mallery and Frentz met with the ethics committee at HDCH. Prior to this meeting, HDCH was hoping to send Jorvens back to Haiti to finish chemo treatment there.
19The realities of Haiti made this a very unrealistic request and certainly not the type of cancer care we would want for our own children. Hospitals in Haiti are not anything like hospitals here. They do not have the resources needed to give Jorvens the best chance at survival. With that said, it is with praise and thanksgiving that we share HDCH’s commitment to Jorvens care. He will receive cancer treatment at HDCH for the next year and we couldn’t be happier!
RRC has already raised over $6,000. This has paid for the ER visit in Midland, the tests run while in Midland, and the ambulance transfer to HDCH. On behalf of Jorvens and all that know and love him, THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your hearts, your prayers, and your donations with him. We are anticipating needing to raise $50,000 total to cover medical costs not being covered by HDCH. If you’d like to donate, RRC is still able to process donations through the benevolence fund. Please also consider sending cards of support to Jorvens guardians. Mesi’ Anpil!
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