Jorvens’ Journey

Updated June 2017  •  In late June of 2016, a team from RRC traveled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti to work alongside the Haiti Foundation Against Poverty (HFAP). During our first visit to Les Bours School of Hope, we noticed that one of our three-year-olds was missing. When we asked about Jorvens’ absence, they explained that he had been ill for quite some time and was unable to attend school.
After seeking answers from Elisha, the principal, we quickly found out that Jorvens had missed the last few weeks of school due to pain and swelling in his left eye. His mother, Precia, had already sought the help and guidance of HFAP and they gave her the resources needed to seek medical attention in Haiti. When seeking treatment, Precia fled one hospital after doctors tried to remove Jorvens eye. She couldn’t imagine a future for her son in Haiti without an eye and with a disfigured face. Jorvens needed medical attention as soon as possible, medical attention that he could not get in Haiti.
Luckily, HFAP was able to partner with another organization, Ray of Hope, which specializes in medical missions. With their help, Jorvens was able to secure all the necessary documents needed to travel and he began his journey to United States.
Jorvens first few days in the states were long, prayer-filled, answer-seeking days. The biopsy results were in. Jorvens had rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of pediatric cancer. Radiation and chemotheraphy were recommended but questions about when to start and who would provide this care lingered for days. After five days of waiting, Jorvens finally began radiation. This was one day after he lost sight in his good eye. Jorvens is now permanently blind, but cancer-free!
For the past year, Jorvens has been living with a wonderful Ray of Hope host family in Sand Lake, Michigan. Ryan and Sandy Folkema have been the most devoted and loving parents to Jorvens. Their kids have embraced Jorvens as a brother and have provided him with the loving stability and FUN needed to heal and recover. God definitely knew what he was doing when He placed Jorvens with the Folkemas.
Most of us were planning on Jorvens returning to Haiti this month (June 2017). God was not. He was scheduled to have his port removed in May and return to Haiti in June. This was then backed up to July as Jorvens was battling a nasty ear infection and continuing to have his blood counts monitored. It was during this time that Jorvens developed a lump and was experiencing pain in his cheek. You can imagine what our fears were…we were all praying that it was not cancer. After having a biopsy done, our prayers were answered. It was NOT cancer. Praise the Lord!!
From there, Jorvens went to see an ENT. The lump and pain that Jorvens was experiencing was due to blockage between his cheeks and sinuses. Jorvens had sinus surgery to open this up and everything is draining beautifully now. We are so thankful that God kept Jorvens here in Michigan a while longer so that he could receive the medical care that he needed this month!!
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” ~ Jeremiah 29:11.
This was our memory verse the last night of Maker Fun Factory VBS at Rockford Reformed Church. We are not sure when Jorvens will have his port removed. We are not sure when he will return to Haiti. We are not sure what his future holds. We are sure that God’s got this. He has BIG plans for Jorvens and we are so thankful that RRC was able to be a part of his journey.
Thank you so much for your generosity and prayers…they have been felt and they have made a HUGE difference in the life of this boy! Please continue to pray for the Folkema family, for Precia, Jorven’s mom, and for Jorvens. He is spunky, energetic, loving, and simply amazing! He also has HAIR!
Photos from summer 2017:



It was during his stay in Rockford that Jorvens was able to meet the most inspirational man. Scott Schuette is the first EVER survivor of rhabdomyosarcoma and Scott Schuette lives right here in Rockford, Michigan. He and Jorvens share an early diagnosis of the disease, a long treatment plan, the loss of sight in an eye and hopefully they will both share a happy ending.

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