Our Leadership




We are currently in between pastors. Please contact the front office if you have any needs or questions – 866-2308. Thank you!



Mike Fisk

Director of Worship
 866-2308 x14



Brian Ellis

Director of Youth Ministries
 866-2308 x13


Beth Jennings

Beth Jennings

Director of Children’s Ministries
866-2308 x15



Laura Jolliffe

Communications Coordinator
866-2308 x12


Emillie Clayton

Director of Kids Hope USA
866-2308 x16


Marcia Shanken

Marcia Shanken

Administrative Assistant
866-2308 x10


Lucy Layman

Lucy Layman



Linda Malone



Our church is governed by a group called the Consistory, which is made up of 6 Shepherd Elders, 6 Service Deacons, and the Administrative Board. Elders’ responsibilities include sacraments, discipline, visits, correspondence, and membership. Deacons’ responsibilities include receiving offering, Helping Hands, Deacon Service Network, and stewardship education.


Administrative Board

Elders and Deacons on the Board may serve up to two consecutive terms (each lasting three years), after which they are exempt from office for one year. Number in parentheses indicates the end of the term:

  • Pastor, President
  • Scott Brownell, Elder, Vice President (2019, 2nd term)
  • Megan DeVries, Elder, Clerk (2018, 1st term)
  • Dan Triezenberg, Deacon, Chairperson of Deacons (2017, 1st term)
  • Chris Orvis, Deacon, Treasurer (2019, 1st term)
Elders and Deacons


Elders and Deacons are elected by the congregation to three-year terms. Service terms are staggered, with two Elders and two Deacons elected per year. After they serve a three-year term, they are exempt from office for one year. Number in parentheses indicates the end of the term:
  • Group 1: Jason Vergouwe (2018)
  • Group 2: Dan Uthoff (2019)
  • Group 3: Ryan DeKuiper (2017)
  • Group 4: Craig VanderHeide (2017)
  • Group 5: Perry Pastula (2019)
  • Group 6: Tom Wright (2018)
  • Group 1: Fred Bazen (2019)
  • Group 2: Rob Bergman (2017)
  • Group 3: Eric Ringnalda (2017)
  • Group 4: Tyler Meyerink (2019)
  • Group 5: Peter Jolliffe (2018)
  • Group 6: Scott Cool (2018)

Ministry Teams

Adult Ministry Team
Director: Karen Bazen
Liaison: Rob Bergman
Jim Scholten
Nancy Steenwyk
Lisa Vergouwe
Men’s Ministry Team
Director: Kevin Johnson
Seth Clayton
Bren Shantz
Youth Ministry Team
Director: Brian Ellis
Liaison: Craig VanderHeide
Diane Brownell
Ruth Hosler
Mike Klaasen
Madelyn McConnon
Jason Vergouwe
Children’s Ministry Team
Director: Beth Jennings
Liaison: Pete Jolliffe
Laura Jolliffe
Chris Knapp
Jaime Mueller
Krista VandenHeuvel
Melissa VanderTuuk
Missions Ministry Team
Director: Rachel DeKuiper
Liaison: Tom Wright
Dianne Bennett
Emily DeWitte
Beth Jennings
Pete Jolliffe
Jennifer Klaasen
Outreach Influence Team
Deb Coon
Sandy Glaza
Shirley Saenz
Worship Ministry Team
Director: Mike Fisk
Liaison: Tyler Meyerink
Dianne Bennett
Stephanie Bergman
Madelyn McConnon
Marcia Shanken
Audrey Shantz
Bren Shantz
Al Valk
Dan Van Stensel
Nick Verburg
Hospitality Ministry Team
Director: Emillie Clayton
Liaison: Scott Cool
Dianne Bennett
Miriam Carpenter
Mike Fisk
Laura Jolliffe
Wilma Nelson
Health Ministry Team
Director: Wilma Nelson
Miriam Carpenter
Lisa Fanberg
Natalie Kleis
Sharon McCleary
Beth Triezenberg
Sandy Uthoff
Facilities Maintenance Team
Director: Tom Cruttenden
Liaison: Fred Bazen
Lucy Layman
Linda Malone
Kevin VerMerris
Grounds Maintenance Team
Director: Roger Hoogewind
Liaison: Dan Uthoff
Nate Jennings
Sue Kalee
Nominating Committee
Ryan DeKuiper, Chair, Liaison
Ruth Majerle
Russ Rinvelt
Lori VerMerris
Abuse Prevention Team
Wilma Nelson, Co-Chair
James VandenHeuvel, Co-Chair
Diann Bertsch
Brian Fleetham
Shari Stembaugh
Human Resources Committee
Lyn Peterman, Chair
Eric Ringnalda, Liaison
Dianne Bennett