Every other Friday, 7am, Fireside Room

REAL exists to strengthen our relationship with Christ and with each other by authentically sharing our faith journey so we all can be encouraged and grow in our faith.
REAL is a group that strives to create authentic and meaningful relationships among men and that desires a deeper relationship with Christ. It is a group that believes God is actively working in our lives, and that we all have a story that He wants us to tell. It is not a Bible study or an accountability group, and it is not exclusive to RRC, so invite others! Each meeting will feature a speaker. See below for the current schedule.


  • Relationship – God created to us to be in fellowship, and when we share in life, we experience the fullness of the life he created for us.
  • Encouragement – God has enriched our lives with experiences that are not just for us. The blessings and tribulations of our lives are also intended to enrich the lives of others.
  • Authenticity – We are perfectly loved by God and our need for acceptance is found in Him alone. This frees us to express ourselves as who we are, not as who we wish we were.
  • Love – With humility and grace towards others as God does with each of us.

2018 Schedule

  • Sept 14 – Rob Bergman: My wife Stephanie and I have been in the process of infant domestic adoption for just over 14 months. Come to hear from me some of the struggles as well as the great joys we have experienced over this process. Also, hear me share a few of the lessons I have learned while working as a hospice social worker.
  • Sept 28
  • Oct 12
  • Oct 26
  • Nov 9
  • Nov 30
  • Dec 7