Birthday Blessings Hosting

Hosting is easier than you think!

Would you like to brighten a child’s life with special treatment?

Currently, there are several children on the waiting list who might not otherwise receive an organized birthday party, meal, and gifts. Would you consider hosting one in the Family Life Center? It’s easier than you think, and you’ll have as much fun as the kids!

Myth: You have to come up with games, play the games, and generally run around with the kids.

Reality: If you can read aloud, that is all you need. Many children just want unorganized play time, but if they are interested in games, we have a game bin complete with games and detailed instructions ready to go. You don’t have to play them yourself, just read the directions and have the family help out. Most parties are family parties, or a mix of adult family members and kids (not just all kids).

Myth: You have to buy and set everything up.

Reality: You’ll need to pick up the pizza on your way there (it will already be paid for). Other than that, the party will be set up for you before you arrive. Just be there to open the door, greet the guests, celebrate, and clean up when it’s over. We have a helpful hosting binder on site to guide you. There are no costs to you unless you want to donate a wish-list item.

Myth: You have to devote a lot of time.

Reality: Most parties last under 2 hours.

Visit our BIRTHDAY BLESSINGS page to view the party calendar and learn a bit about the children waiting to celebrate! If you are interested in hosting sometime in the future, please email us. We will add you to our host mailing list so you can be notified when parties are ready for hosts.