Birthday Blessings

A child’s life deserves to be celebrated regardless of circumstance. RRC has partnered with North Kent Connect to offer birthday celebrations to children ages 4-10 in our community who might not otherwise receive an organized birthday party, meal, and gifts. Between 30-50 birthday children continue to be celebrated each year since the program’s inception in 2011. Each party, even those that take place off-site, gives us an opportunity to interact face-to-face with families and express God’s love to them, expressing that every life is important and worthy of celebration. Listening to the heartfelt gratitude of the recipients and their parents confirms just how appreciated the program is.

How you can help

Serve as a party host or meet families for party package pick-ups
Shop for and/or provide party supplies, party gift card, or gifts for children
Pray for the birthday children and their families
If you are interested in hosting a party, please contact our coordinator:

Sue Kalee:

Party Host Duties

(easier than you think!)

If the child chooses a gym and pizza party, the party will already be set up for you – no planning necessary! There is a binder on-site with helpful hosting guidelines and suggestions. Duties include picking up pre-paid pizzas, opening the gym and greeting the family, guiding the party, suggesting gym games, and cleaning and & locking up the gym.

Party Packages

Take-home birthday party
Gym and pizza party
Chuck E. Cheese party
North Star Cinemas movie party

Documents to download

Case Managers
Matthew 19:14
This past winter, a mom of another Birthday Blessings child contacted us wondering how she could be saved and turn her life over to Jesus Christ. We were able to guide her through the Gospel message and prayer using the 4 principles in “How to Know God Personally” published by Campus Crusade for Christ, another mission our church supports. She has moved to Florida and we have not heard back from her, so won’t you help us pray for her and her children?
Recently, we had a mom come to our church for a scheduled Birthday Blessings package pick-up. The mom let us know right away that this gift was a huge blessing for her 10 year old daughter. The daughter was so excited she told her mom she didn’t know how she’d make it through school thinking about the birthday fun! The mom mentioned how the bank had also just called to let her know they were willing to reduce her payments so she could remain in her home with her children. She told us that God is good and He always provides. She was so very thankful for our church and our program. Please help us by praying for God’s continued blessings for this family.
“The Birthday Blessings party went great! We had a lot of fun and learned a little about the family. Dad is on disability and the mom is not working right now. The family had a great time! The dad led the games – lots of old ones like Red Light/Green Light. He also wanted to say the prayer before they ate. It was a good group of girls. We had a good time talking with some of the girl’s parents and a neighbor that came. When talking to the dad, he said that Birthday Blessings was an answer to prayer as they were at the North Kent Community Service Center when they saw the signs for it. He had wanted to give the girls a party, but said the only income was disability and there was just enough for the bills. What a blessing! We would love to host again sometime!”

“Wow! Is this all for me?” said a 10 year old boy as he walked into the Family Life Center to see a giant, inflatable birthday cake, a colorfully decorated birthday table, cheerfully wrapped gifts, several boxes of pizza, and a huge gym ready to be played in!

“Dear Birthday Blessings, Thank you for putting together my party with the food and the gifts and everything. My cake was awesome! Say thank you to the person who made it. God bless you all.”

“Dear Birthday Blessings, Thanks for the party for my daughter. We didn’t tell her till we arrived. She was so surprised. My husband was having heart surgery on the following Monday. It meant so much to me that I didn’t have to worry about her birthday. This was such a Blessing!! God bless everyone!!”

“It was wonderful. Probably the best one I’ve done. This couple was great and even asked about attending Sunday services. Each one of the kids had friends come so there was a lot of playing games and just running and shooting hoops. I believe there were 16 kids and 4 adults. The 12-year-old sister loved the peace sign beach towel and shirt and blanket. The 3-year-old’s little eyes just lit up when he saw that bike. He asked, “is it mine?” Everyone was very polite. The dad helped us clean everything up. He insisted and said it was the least he could do for all that we had done for his kids. Truly a blessed night for my sister and I to serve as hosts.”