Caravan Offering

Each week we encourage children to get in the habit of giving back to God. Maybe they can earn some money at home and work on a give, spend, save plan. It’s a great way to show that kids can give back!
Here is what our offering will look like this year (2014-2015). We have chosen some organizations and activities for the kids in Caravan to be a part of, both locally and worldwide.
  • Through the end of October, we will be collecting food items and monetary donations (used to buy more food) to take along with us to Kids Food Basket. More info to come.
  • In mid-September, Operation Christmas Child boxes will be handed out to families who are interested in being a part of filling a shoe box. Boxes will be due November 16.
  • October through March, any monetary donations that are given will go towards gifts (through Samaritans Purse) around Easter time. We will have a fun voting activity to go along with this.
If you have any questions, please contact Beth Jennings!