Care Goups

What is a Care Group? The congregation is divided into 6 Care Groups, and each has an Elder and a Deacon assigned to it. The goal is to provide care, communication, and information to the congregation as often and as effectively as possible. You can expect about 2 emails or calls per month from your Elder/Deacon team. Click here for current Elder/Deacon Teams.
How can you help? The Consistory has been elected to serve you. You can help by calling the church office promptly when there is an illness, hospitalization, birth, death, or other emergency in your family. This information will be passed on to the appropriate Elder/Deacon Team. You may also contact your Elder or Deacon directly. If you don’t know what Care Group you are in or who your Elder/Deacon Team is, please contact the church office.
What other types of support does the church offer?

Meals & Care

Do you know of any individuals or families in need of help, care, comfort, and prayers? They may be bringing home a new baby, experiencing illness, surgery, recovery, loss, or other challenging occasions.
Rockford Reformed Church has many ways of helping out, including:
  • providing meals (learn more)
  • assembling care item kits
  • collecting and donating gift cards
  • sewing quilts or knitting shawls that are prayed over by a group then given to individuals (see below)
To request any of these for someone in need, please call the church office.

Deacon Servant Network

Do you need help? Do you know someone else who needs help?
If you are a church member in need of help from the church, this is the place to start. The Deacon Servant Network is a rapid-response system that can arrange assistance for a variety of needs, such as a ride to church, finding someone to rake an elderly person’s yard, or helping someone make a rent payment to avoid eviction.
If you need to report urgent news to the church, such as an illness, hospitalization, death, or other emergency in your family, call the church office and the information will be passed on to the appropriate Elder/Deacon Team.

Prayer Support

There are many ways to submit your prayer requests, and many opportunities to join in prayer for others. Below are some options.
  • Prayer Chain: This prayer ministry is for immediate prayer requests. Call Carol Knox (daytime), Doris DeGood (evening), the church office, or the church office prayer line.
  • Prayer Phone Line: To be added to the prayer phone line, leave a message at the church office (616-866-2308 x1). You can listen to current prayer requests by calling the office and dialing x2.
  • Men’s Prayer Breakfast: This group meets every Tuesday from 7-8 am in the Fellowship Hall. Share a continental breakfast, fellowship, and prayer.
  • Prayer Shawl & Quilting Ministry: Shawls are knitted (or crocheted), lap quilts are sewn, and prayers are made by women of the church to give to people that are having surgery, recovering from an illness, or going through some challenging times in their life. These prayer shawls & lap quilts are a way of sharing God’s love in a touchable way. Knitting Coordinator: Jean Boyd. Quilting Coordinator: Karen Buckley.