Have We Met?

A message from Pastor Rick

Once again our annual Christmas Music Celebration was an awesome time of worshiping our great God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Many shared how blessed they were through the various aspects of the services, especially in the singing of the last song “Behold Our God.” I understand that closing song brought out a lot of tears. I am grateful for our staff and the many volunteers who made that service so special.

I also heard said, “There were a number of people there I didn’t know!” One of the challenges with combining our two 11:00am services is that sometimes it will be difficult to know if an unfamiliar face belongs to a visitor or some long-time member who has worshiped at a different service. Here are a few suggestions as to what to say:

  1. Introduce yourself and say, “I don’t believe we have met, have we?” This goes a long way toward solving the problem of greeting an unrecognized fellow member, and also provides direction for the conversation.
  2. If the person is a visitor, ask, “What brings you to our church today?” This provides a key to the way the church may continue its ministry to that person. Ordinarily, these are the only questions you would ask, since questions can be uncomfortable for the visitor.
  3. At some point in the conversation, say in one sentence what you most appreciate about our congregation, such as “I enjoy this church because. . . .”
  4. Introduce the visitor to someone else and invite them to Sunday School or Pioneer Club.
  5. Invite the visitor to return.


Again I remind you that many people are receptive to church involvement at this time of year. May we share the Good News of Jesus Christ not only during our services, but also before and after, as we greet our visitors and welcome them. In doing these things, I believe that we will have an even more blessed Christmas!

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