Hearts For Orphans

Psalms 82:3 calls us to defend the weak and the fatherless, to uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. With this in mind, Rockford Reformed Church has created Hearts for Orphans, a ministry to support those who are interested in adoption, foster care, or helping orphans, and to provide information and resources to help in those areas.
RRC members and regular attendants – if you are thinking about or are interested in adoption or foster care, your church family can be a great source of help and encouragement. Contact the front office to see how we can help!

Ways you can help

Many people think that orphan care is either adopting a child or providing foster care for a child. But you can help in so many different ways!
  • Take meals to an adopting family.
  • Cook and freeze meals that can be used later to give to an adopting family.
  • Provide babysitting for a family who has adopted or is fostering and needs a break. Sometimes adopted children have lots of doctor appointments in the first few months. Parents may need babysitting for the other children so they can attend these appointments.
  • Provide overnight babysitting for adopting couple to have a night away.
  • Clean the house for a family who adopted a child and is a little overwhelmed.
  • Do an athletic event (running race, biking race, etc.) for Team Orphans and raise money from sponsors.
  • Sponsor an athlete in our church with a donation.
  • Collect Change for Change for Team Orphans.
  • Bake cookies for the Cookie 5K.
  • Organize, help work, or donate items for a fundraiser garage sale for a family adopting.
  • Do a fundraiser show with your home business for a family adopting (Thirty-One, Pampered Chef, Premier Designs, etc).
  • Volunteer at St. John’s Home – older foster kids – take them to lunch, drive them to a job interview, show they how to fill out job applications, show them how to fix things around the house, teach them how to cook, etc.