High School Spring Retreat

HS Boys Retreat 2014

HS Girls Retreat 2014

May 9-11, 2014

Boys: Living for God in a Challenging World

High School Boys – Join us May 9-11 for the HS Boy’s Retreat. We will be heading up to Martiny Lakes (near Cran-Hill Ranch) where we will be spending the weekend camping, studying how we can live for God in today’s world, and doing the manly bonding.

Girls: True Beauty – Finding Your Identity in Jesus

High School Girls – Join us May 9-11 for the HS Girls’ Retreat! We will be staying at the VanderHeide cottage in Ludington and exploring the meaning of “true beauty.”


$30 if you pay before April 27
April 27-May 4: Cost becomes $45

To sign up please fill out an account withdrawal slip or make a check out to “RRCYM” and place in the Youth Room Mailbox (located on the Youth Room door) – or give to Trisha Van Stensel!

True Beauty

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