KLC – November 1, 2017

We are on week 4 of our Bible Heroes series, learning that Big Heroes serve a Big God. Tonight, kids learned about the importance of leadership through the story of Deborah (Judges 4:4-5:3). Deborah was a prophet who led the people of Israel during a time before they had a king. People respected her leadership and would go to her to settle their disputes. When Deborah instructed Barak to go into battle against the enemy, he would only do so under her leadership. Under her strong, yet compassionate leadership, the Israelites prevailed. When we are willing to help and lead others, we can be heroes like Deborah.
Memory Verse: The Books of the Bible
  • Have your child bring back their memory verse journals every week!
  • Parent pickup: kids need to be picked up in the Sanctuary. Entrance A will be unlocked at 7:40pm. Kids will not be allowed to leave and go to the gym without a parent. If you want your child to meet you in the gym, you will need to wait until a leader is available to walk them there after the rest of the children have been picked up. Please understand this is for the safety of the children.