Library FAQ

How well do you know your church library?


1. If you want to find out if the library has a certain book or music album, where would you look?

The card catalog

2. Where would you look to see if the library has your favorite author?

The card catalog

3. Why does the library have movie boxes on one shelf and the movies on another shelf?

The movie boxes tell people how long the movie is, who is in it, and what it is about. The movies themselves are kept on the next shelf to the right so people browsing aren’t in the way of people who want to sign out a particular movie.

4. If you find a movie box showing the movie you want to see, how do you find the actual movie?

Look on the box to find a letter and number (for example, C-157-A) on the movie box and then find the corresponding letter/number combination on the next shelf to the right.

5. How would you request that a book, music album or movie be purchased for the library?

Take a card from the little box on top of the card catalog. Write down as much as you know about the material – name of material, author or artist. Put the card in the gray box where you put your sign out cards.

6. If you could locate library materials lists on the Rockford Reformed Church webpage, would you be more likely to use the library?

No right answer here, but we would sure like to know. We plan to put the library materials online soon.

7. What do all the materials in the church library have in common?

God. The church library doesn’t try to be like the regular library. The materials here are all related to God or to core family values.

8. Why are you supposed to sign your name and the date you signed out the material on the library card?

So if the librarians see the materials have been out a long time, they can send you a reminder card. If you have returned the materials, just say so. You are not responsible to replace materials that you have returned but are nevertheless missing. If material is damaged, that is not your responsibility, either. Accidents happen. We trust you. Just let us know so we can, if necessary, repair or replace the lost or damaged material.

9. Sometimes the library puts materials on the bookshelf under the window in the hallway outside the library. These materials have no sign out card pockets and the church name has been crossed off. Can anyone take these materials and keep them for themselves?

Yes. Feel free to take any materials you find under the window in the hallway. (It wouldn’t hurt to check that the church’s name has been taken off the material.) The people attending Rockford Reformed Church have paid for the materials with their offerings, so if the materials are taken out of circulation, they may become the personal property of anyone who attends here.