Missionary Letter 03/07/13

Think our postal system is bad?

An email from Mark Wilson, our missionary in Cambodia:

Imagine our surprise when Debra went to the Post Office today after getting a package slip and something amazing happened … we received a wonderful gift from you all at Rockford Reformed … *a Christmas gift box*!

What a wonderful surprise and so delicious too … some great treats from home including dried cherries and trail mix that included dried blueberries … I can’t begin to tell you how sweet they are in so many ways.

So, please let folks know that we did (at last) receive the package (and in good shape and unopened), and how thankful we are for your thoughtfulness … it is so encouraging (and tasty), especially these days when the temperature has gone up into the upper 90s and even breaking 100 (and it’s not even hot season yet), and, due to power shortages our electricity cuts out each day. So, this treat at this time is truly special – Thank you!

Yours in Christ,
-Mark, Deb & Zachary


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