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Beacon – October 2015

Men’s Friday Morning Breakfast


January-May, 2016

Beginning January 15, the Men at Rockford Reformed will resume meeting every other Friday morning in the Fireside Room from 6:30 to 7:30 to begin to discover God’s real plan for men. We’ll be learning what it really means to be a man and capture an inspiring vision of authentic manhood.
We’ll be watching “33” – a series of video talks that look at the 33 years of Jesus’ life on earth to give us a model of true manhood. See the trailer here. Though we’ve gone through this series before, we are doing it again, this time at a slower pace. So, if you missed it the first time around, now’s your chance to dive in!
Here’s the schedule:
  • 6:30am Breakfast – eggs, pancakes, oatmeal, granola bars, and coffee
  • 6:45am Video & Discussion – while we’re finishing breakfast we’ll watch an inspiring video together, then talk about what we just learned and how it impacts our lives
The ten sessions will include:
  • Create and Cultivate (Jan 15, 2016)
  • Create and Cultivate (Jan 29)
  • Manhood Definition (Feb 12)
  • Manhood Definition (Feb 26)
  • King/Warrior (Mar 11)
  • King/Warrior (Mar 25)
  • Lover/Friend (Apr 8)
  • Lover/Friend (Apr 22)
  • Seasons (May 6)
  • Seasons (May 20)
If you have any questions, you can contact Kevin Johnson, Seth Clayton, or Bren Shantz.

Beacon – September 2015

Ride to Church


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ride your motorcycle to church (11am service) on September 27, then join us as we ride out to lunch at Northern Trails, followed by a two-hour ride! Bring a friend! Please contact Gail Wagner with any questions (866-4722).

Men’s Tailgate Cookout


Men’s Tailgate Cookout 2015

Guys – join us at RRC in the gym and back parking lot for a cookout while we watch the game on the big screen! Bring your friends, co-workers, and neighbors. Food and drinks provided. If you have any questions, please call Kevin Johnson (291-3991) or Bren Shantz (821-8907). click to download flyer
Monday, October 5, 2015
Lions @ Seahawks
Thursday, December 3, 2015
Packers @ Lions

Room Numbers

You may have noticed that our room numbers have changed! Our old numbering system was the result of multiple building additions over the years. While we may have gotten used to it, newcomers find it confusing. We have renumbered the entire building to bring us into alignment with industry standards – 100s on the first level, 200s on the second level, room 250 is directly above 150, evens and odds on opposite sides of the hall, etc. You can click here to view the new layout. (click here to download and print a pdf copy)
Because much of our printed literature may still reference the old room numbers (we are trying to transition everything, but things are going to slip through the cracks), you can use the following conversion chart with the old vs. new room numbers.
Old — New
1 — 212
2 — 214
3 — 213
4 — 211
5 — 112
6 — 114
7 — 113
Old — New
8 — 111
9 — 122
10 — 124
11 — 126
12 — 125
13 — 123
14 — 132
Old — New
15 — 134
16 — 131
20 — 253
21 — 252
22 — 250
23 — 249
24 — 247
25 — 246
Other Changes
Cry Room = Parent/Infant Room
Narthex = Lobby
Family Life Center = Gym
Old Kitchen = Kitchenette
In addition to streamlining the indoor numbering system, we have designated letters for each of our main entrances:
  • Entrance A: lobby, stairs to sanctuary
  • Entrance B: elevator, offices
  • Entrance C: gym
  • Entrance D: gym, kitchen
  • Entrance E: gym handicap entrance

HT Summit


October 23-24, 2015 • 9am-4pm

Northern Michigan Human Trafficking Awareness Summit
Did you know that Michigan is the second highest human trafficking state in the country? That there are over 2400 children for sale on the internet at any given time in West Michigan alone? We wanted to make you aware of an event coming up in Cadillac on October 23 & 24 – the Northern Michigan Human Trafficking Awareness Summit. One of the primary focuses will be the role of the faith communities in combating human trafficking.
If this is an issue that touches your heart, or even if you just want to learn about the crisis, more information can be found at There, you will find information on the summit, the speakers, event registration, and more facts about human trafficking in Michigan.
If you have any questions, please contact Lisa DeBoer at 616-560-6220 or

Family Biking Day


Saturday, Sept 12, 2015 •  9:30am

Meet at the White Pine trailhead in Rockford (by the Wolverine Shoe Store – click for map) for muffins and juice. Bike at your own speed. Join the fun!

Beacon – August 2015

Block Parties

Block Party

2015 Block Parties

Two opportunities to serve:
Hillview Community
Wednesday, August 26, 11:30am-1:00pm
  • hot dogs, games, drawings
  • need set up help at 10am, grillers, servers, visitors to interact with guests, local $5 or $10 gift card donations
192 Rollingwood Drive (Ken and Wilma Nelson’s home)
Thursday, August 27, 5:30-7:30pm
  • hot dogs, games, bounce house for kids
  • need setup help at 4pm, grillers, servers, visitors to interact with guests, bounce house supervision, local $5 gift card donations
Can you help out? Contact Wilma Nelson at or call/text 616-690-4479 and provide your name, event you are available for, and what you want to do if you have a preference. Thank you!
The purpose of a Block Party is not to throw a good party for the church, but for the church to throw a good party for the neighborhood, no strings attached. It’s a chance for us to connect with our community and show God’s love. Read more about it here.