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Potluck & Praise Night

Potluck and Praise Night

Potluck & Praise Night

Saturday, February 16, 2013 at 5pm in the Family Life Center.

Join us for some great food and a night of singing love songs to our Savior! Please bring a dish to share and invite your friends & neighbors!



Weekly Ice Fishing 2013

Thursdays beginning January 31, 2013. Meet at church at 3pm. For more information, please contact Tom Nederveld (874-3256) or Vic Yurick (866-0572).

Adventures in Odyssey – The Imagination Station Series

Library BooksOur library has a new book series designed for young readers ages 7 and up: Adventures in Odyssey – The Imagination Station. So far, we have books 1-10, which can be found on the children’s shelf (under the teen books). The books do not have to be read in order. They are a combination of history and adventure involving a boy and his girl cousin who travel into the past by way of a time travel machine called the Imagination Station.

  • Flesch-Kincaid system rates it as a reading grade level 2.1
  • Books will by on the shelf by January 27
  • Book 11 is due out in May 2013


Book 1: Voyage with the Vikings
Book 2: Attack in the Arena
Book 3: Peril in the Palace
Book 4: Revenge of the Red Knight
Book 5: Showdown with the Shepherd
Book 6: Problems in Plymouth
Book 7: Secret of the Prince’s Tomb
Book 8: Battle for Cannibal Island
Book 9: Escape to the Hiding Place
Book 10: Challenge on the Hill of Fire




It’s Here!

To take the survey, click:

Rockford Reformed Church is launching a special survey asking for input on your spiritual life and our church’s role in it.

Our goal is to better understand what the church can do to support your spiritual growth.

We’d like to hear from everyone who calls RRC their church home (ages 18 and older). The more input we have, the better our efforts to support your spiritual growth will be. So please…take the survey!

The survey is comprehensive and thought provoking. We’re asking you to set aside 35 – 40 minutes to take it. Think of this time as an investment in your own spiritual life as well as the future of your church. Your specific answers will remain anonymous; only an overall report will be generated for the church as a whole.

The survey is online, so you may take it at home. We will also have computers at church available for you to use.

The survey must be completed between February 7 – 25.

NKCS Chili Cook Off


Our friends at North Kent Community Services have a new fundraiser this year. They are hoping to raise thousands of dollars to help shelter and feed the families they serve this winter. They need 24 teams to enter their chili, as well as many hungry chili fans! They are also looking for volunteers to help at the event. If you are interested in helping, please contact Deb McIntyre at NKCS, 616-866-3478 ext. 103.

North Kent Community Services Fire and Ice Chili Cook Off

at the Rockford Ice Festival • Located downtown in the Rotary Pavilion

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Set up begins at 7:00 a.m.
Cooking begins at 7:30 a.m.
Judging begins at 11:30 a.m.

Entry fee: $25 per team by January 24.

Trophies and cash prizes to be awarded for: People’s Choice, Best Professional Chili, Best Novice Chili, Best Non-Red Chili, and Best Dressed Booth.

Chili available for purchase to the public from 12:15-2:00 p.m. for 50 cents per cup. Vote for your favorite chili to win the People’s Choice Award!

All proceeds benefit the families of North Kent Community Services.

For more information, contact Barb Manne (

To register your team, go to genius link at:

Pornography Seminar 01-21-13

To the parents of RRCYM students:

We want to make you aware of an upcoming FREE seminar at Northpointe Christian Schools. “Pornography – The Battle for the Family” takes place on Monday, January 21, at 7pm. The focus will be on equipping families for the battle against pornography. The guest speaker is Chip Huber, Dean of Student Engagement at Cornerstone University.

Free tickets are available through all three school offices. Please contact Renee Koert (942-0363 x210) if you have any questions or would like to secure free tickets.

For more detailed information, please download their flyer.

Past Sermon Titles

  • Click for podcast page
  • 08/09/15: The Nation (Bradford)
  • 08/02/15: God’s Workmanship (Bradford)
  • 07/26/15: Grace Alone (Bradford)
  • 07/19/15: Alive (Bradford)
  • 07/12/15: Power, Riches, and Glory! (Bradford)
  • 07/05/15: Revelation (Bradford)
  • 06/28/15: The Deposit – The Already and Not Yet (Bradford)
  • 06/21/15: The Seal (Bradford)
  • 06/14/15: Holy (Bradford)
  • 06/07/15: Chosen (Bradford)
  • 05/31/15: Life Is Hard – God Is Good! (Poppen)
  • 05/24/15: Making Memories (Wiers)
  • 05/17/15: Does Easter Really Matter If We Forget Christ’s Ascension and Do Not Celebrate Pentecost? (Robrahn)
  • 05/10/15: Jesus’ Respect for Women (Robrahn)
  • 05/03/15: Counting the Cost (Bradford)
  • 04/26/15: I Can’t Stand It! (Poppen)
  • 04/19/15: Five Chairs Under Your Table (Ingebretson)
  • 04/12/15: Three Reasons to Leave a Church (Ingebretson)
  • 04/05/15: Tragedy to Transformation (Ingebretson)
  • 03/29/15: Road Trip To A Tough Town (Ingebretson)
  • 03/22/15: Releasing the Past (Poppen)
  • 03/15/15: Me First! (Poppen)
  • 03/08/15: An Inescapable God (Plantinga)
  • 03/01/15: Legacy Discipleship (Ingebretson)
  • 02/22/15: Multiplying Discipleship (Ingebretson)
  • 02/15/15: Troubled Discipleship (Ingebretson)
  • 02/08/15: Tempted Discipleship (Ingebretson)
  • 02/01/15: Community Discipleship (Ingebretson)
  • 01/25/15: Diligent Discipleship (Ingebretson)
  • 01/18/15: Leading Discipleship (Ingebretson)
  • 01/11/15: Missional Discipleship (Ingebretson)
  • 01/04/15: Authentic Discipleship (Ingebretson)
  • 12/28/14: Rachel Still Weeps (Robrahn)
  • 12/21/14: Advent Love (Gafa)
  • 12/14/14: Advent Peace (Dethmers)
  • 12/07/14: Advent Hope (Dethmers)
  • 11/30/14: Advent Joy (Dethmers)
  • 11/23/14: Gratitude Changes Everything (Ingebretson)
  • 11/16/14: Generosity Changes Everything (Ingebretson)
  • 11/09/14: Sermon on the Mount: Are You Smarter Than Jesus? (Dethmers)
  • 11/02/14: Sermon on the Mount: Philanthropist’s Folly (Dethmers)
  • 10/26/14: Sermon on the Mount: Getting Cheeky with Our Enemies (Dethmers)
  • 10/19/14: Sermon on the Mount: Can Obeying the Law Really Be Fulfilling? (Dethmers)
  • 10/12/14: Sermon on the Mount: Lighten Up, Christians, Lighten Up! (Dethmers)
  • 10/05/14: Truth and Love (Poppen)
  • 09/28/14: Confession – Good for the Soul (Poppen)
  • 09/21/14: Healthy Churches Reflect an Attitude of Gratitude (Dethmers)
  • 09/14/14: Healthy Churches Focus on Their Strengths (Dethmers)
  • 09/07/14: Fall Festival (no sermon)
  • 08/31/14: I’ll Believe It When I See It (Matthews)
  • 08/24/14: Healthy Churches are Mission Minded (Dethmers)
  • 08/17/14: What’s Coming Out of You? (VanderWall)
  • 08/10/14: In Healthy Churches People Manage Community Conflict (Dethmers)
  • 08/03/14: In Healthy Churches People Manage Personal Conflicts (Dethmers) no recording available
  • 07/27/14: Healthy Churches’ Leaders Challenge People (Dethmers) no recording available
  • 07/20/14: Healthy Churches Value Differences (Dethmers) no recording available
  • 07/13/14: Healthy Churches Honor Roles and Responsibilities  (Dethmers)
  • 07/06/14: Power Through the Lord (Matthews)
  • 06/29/14: Substance, Meerkats, and Meditation (Meendering)
  • 06/22/14: Your Call to Ministry (Dethmers) no recording available
  • 06/15/14: Temptations…and Turning Points (Dethmers)
  • 06/08/14: Pentecost Power (Dethmers)
  • 06/01/14: Christ In Us & We In Christ (Westrate)
  • 05/25/14: In That Day (Matthews)
  • 05/18/14: No Greater Joy (Tigchon)
  • 05/11/14: Is Heaven For Real? (Ingebretson)
  • 05/04/14: Christian Light Company (Tigchon)
  • 04/27/14: No Experience Required (Rottman)
  • 04/20/14: A Shared Victory (Tigchon)
  • 04/13/14: Cancellation due to power outage
  • 04/06/14: A Pure Heart (Tigchon)
  • 03/30/14: Have Mercy! (Tigchon)
  • 03/23/14: Hungry & Thirsty (Tigchon)
  • 03/16/14: Meek Not Weak (Tigchon)
  • 03/09/14: Mourned Lately? (Tigchon)
  • 03/02/14: The Riches of Poverty (Tigchon)
  • 02/23/14: Praise, Prayer & Preparation (Shantz)
  • 02/16/14: Dealing With Our Prejudice (Tigchon)
  • 02/09/14: Impacting Our Community (Tigchon)
  • 02/02/14: An Optimum Optimist (Tigchon)
  • 01/26/14: What Kind of Neighbor Am I? (Tigchon)
  • 01/19/14: Lordship Test (Tigchon)
  • 01/12/14: Settling the Lordship Issue (Tigchon)
  • 01/05/14: The Basics of Lordship (Tigchon)
  • 12/29/13: Succeeding God’s Way (Tigchon)
  • 12/22/13: Cancellation due to weather
  • 12/15/13: Christmas Music Celebration
  • 12/08/13: An Advent Sermon (Boersma)
  • 12/01/13: Emmanuel – God With Us (Tigchon)
  • 11/24/13: Source of Contentment (Tigchon)
  • 11/17/13: Vocare: Our Gospel Shaped Lives (Boersma)
  • 11/10/13: Vocare: Our Gospel Shaped Lives (Boersma)
  • 11/03/13: The Pharisee in Us! (Tigchon)
  • 10/27/13: Travel Companion (Boersma)
  • 10/20/13: Investing In Eternity (Tigchon)
  • 10/13/13: Responsible Sexuality (Tigchon)
  • 10/06/13: The Gift Defiled (Tigchon)
  • 09/29/13: The Gift of Sex (Tigchon)
  • 09/22/13: Awww, Do We Have To? (Boersma)
  • 09/15/13: Nothing But Bones (Tigchon)
  • 09/08/13: Fall Festival
  • 09/01/13: The Problem With Success (Tigchon)
  • 08/25/13: Individual Responsibility (Tigchon)
  • 08/18/13: And He Lived Among Us (Boersma)
  • 08/11/13: The Gospel in Destruction (Morgan)
  • 08/04/13: A Special Sanctuary (Tigchon)
  • 07/28/13: The Faith of Our Fathers (Westrate)
  • 07/21/13: Hope That Makes a Difference (Tigchon)
  • 07/14/13: Guest Speaker: Jim Harrison, RCA Missionary to Bahrain
  • 07/07/13: Strength to Bear the Burden of Faith (Tigchon)
  • 06/30/13: Our Personal God (Tigchon)
  • 06/23/13: The Voice (Boersma)
  • 06/16/13: Hope for the Family (Tigchon)
  • 06/09/13: How to Increase Your Joy (Tigchon)
  • 06/02/13: The Resurrection Meal (Boersma)
  • 05/26/12: Trinity: Three in One (Tigchon)
  • 05/19/13: The Blessings of Sacrifice (Tigchon)
  • 05/12/13: You Owe it to Your Parents and Yourselves (Tigchon)
  • 05/05/13: Tsame and Dipsao (Boersma)
  • 04/28/13: Bonding With Jesus (Tigchon)
  • 04/21/13: Standing on the Promises of God (Gandy)
  • 04/14/13: Songs of Lament (Tigchon)
  • 04/07/13: Eye the Prize (Tigchon)
  • 03/31/13: The Christmas Promise Fulfilled (Tigchon)
  • 03/24/13: Witnessing Your Way (Tigchon)
  • 03/17/13: Keys to Sharing Your Faith (Tigchon)
  • 03/10/13: Spiritual Conversations (Boersma)
  • 03/03/13: Overcoming Apathy & Fear (Tigchon)
  • 02/24/13: Worship: Learning the Landscape (Ezikian)
  • 02/17/13: Right Worship (Gandy)
  • 02/10/13: Mountaintop Experience (Tigchon)
  • 02/03/13: Come to the Table (Tigchon)
  • 01/27/13: _____ward (Boersma)
  • 01/20/13: Dealing With Conflict (Tigchon)
  • 01/13/13: Critical Surgery (Tigchon)
  • 01/06/13: Unity (Tigchon)

New Testament Song

A Caroling Thank-You

Received via email:

Dear Rockford Reformed “Family”…

Please tell those of your members who braved the cold night of December 23rd “thank you” for the Christmas caroling!!

What a joy it was to listen to young and old singing!!  It made an extraordinarily stressful day so much sweeter!!  We used to go caroling in the youth group we used to be part of and we truly miss that.  Thank you for the unexpected gift!!  You made a difference…

A Rockford Neighbor

Have We Met?

A message from Pastor Rick

Once again our annual Christmas Music Celebration was an awesome time of worshiping our great God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Many shared how blessed they were through the various aspects of the services, especially in the singing of the last song “Behold Our God.” I understand that closing song brought out a lot of tears. I am grateful for our staff and the many volunteers who made that service so special.

I also heard said, “There were a number of people there I didn’t know!” One of the challenges with combining our two 11:00am services is that sometimes it will be difficult to know if an unfamiliar face belongs to a visitor or some long-time member who has worshiped at a different service. Here are a few suggestions as to what to say:

  1. Introduce yourself and say, “I don’t believe we have met, have we?” This goes a long way toward solving the problem of greeting an unrecognized fellow member, and also provides direction for the conversation.
  2. If the person is a visitor, ask, “What brings you to our church today?” This provides a key to the way the church may continue its ministry to that person. Ordinarily, these are the only questions you would ask, since questions can be uncomfortable for the visitor.
  3. At some point in the conversation, say in one sentence what you most appreciate about our congregation, such as “I enjoy this church because. . . .”
  4. Introduce the visitor to someone else and invite them to Sunday School or Pioneer Club.
  5. Invite the visitor to return.


Again I remind you that many people are receptive to church involvement at this time of year. May we share the Good News of Jesus Christ not only during our services, but also before and after, as we greet our visitors and welcome them. In doing these things, I believe that we will have an even more blessed Christmas!