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The Beacon - May/June 2012

From our May/June 2012 newsletter

To those who have served, we thank and honor you:

Rick De Haan

1976-1980, Air Force, Sergeant, Crew Chief / Mechanic

Dave Diephouse

1961-1963, Army

Bud Feikema

1963-1969, Army

Nathan Gonzalez

Currently Serving, Marines, Force Recon, Trainer

John A. Harding

1951-1953, Army

Elden C. Hunsberger

1942-1963, Army Air Corp / Air Force / 320th Bomb Group

Alvin E. Kraker

1943-1946, Army, Power Equipment Repairman

Ray Kunst

1942-1945, Army, Medic, Staff Sergeant

Melanie Matthews

1969-1976, Army, SP5 Personnel Specialist and Training NCO

Ken Nelson

1953-1957, Air Force, Staff Sergeant, Crew Chief on a C124 Globemaster

Gordon Oosterhouse

1955-1963, Army, Medic-E3

Kenneth J. Ploeg

1954-1967, Naval Reserve, Seabee Unit, Construction Mechanic 1st Class

Ron Porter

1963-1966, Air Force, Jet Mechanic

Norm Rottman

1951-1955, Air Force

Phillip Scholten

Currently Serving, Army, 1st Lieutenant

Dennis Vander Kuyl

1960-1964, Air Force

Stanley L. Weir

1956-1958, Army, SP4

SR Nicholas L. Welch

Currently Serving, Navy, Corpsman

If we’ve missed a name this time around, there will be another opportunity to submit names for the Nov/Dec edition for (Veteran’s Day). Please send to connections.rrc@gmail.com.

Additions since the article ran:

Burt Kleeves

1943-1946, 1950-1951, Marines

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