Challenge to RRC Kids

The Beacon - May/June 2012

From our May/June 2012 newsletter

Our church is looking for kids to be guest authors in our new newsletter. I have been asked to go first to give you an example. I hope my article brings you closer to Jesus. Have your mom or dad email the church with questions or for some simple guidelines:

Touching Jesus
Jehovah Jireh Series Part 1
By Kathryn Jacobs, age 9

Touching Jesus is a path of life. It’s not just praying, singing, and going to church. It’s trust, hugging Him, letting the Holy Spirit guide you through life.

Yesterday I was golfing with my brother. Sam’s turn was up and I tried to see Jesus behind him with arms half way to hug him. Sam hit. It was a pretty good hit.

Then it was my turn and I remembered what my Jesus looked like and pictured Him helping me. I shot. It was the best hit I’ve done all day.

So what I mean by all of this is to feel comforted, at peace, and picture Jesus in your mind.

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