Children’s Ministries Update

The Beacon - September/October 2012

By Beth Jennings • From our September/October 2012 newsletter

Focusing on the upcoming Caravan year, I think of how my role as Director of Children’s Ministries is incomplete without parents and their role in their child’s growing faith in Christ.

In today’s fast-paced society of video games, extra-curricular activities, and everything else that fills up our calendars, sometimes it’s hard to put God first. It is times like these when it is most important to sit down, take a breath, and pray! Pray for strength and guidance.

Psalm 78 tells us “not to hide these truths from our children.” It is God’s plan to keep faith alive in today’s generation and to continue faith into the next. It is our job as parents to take hold of their hands, walk with them, and anchor them on a path of faith.

Let your children see you rely on God. Pray together, maybe not at every meal or every night, but occasionally. Focus on understanding God’s Word. Let them experience the message of grace; give without receiving. Use every teachable moment.

I am so thankful to be the Director of Children’s Ministries and be able to teach your children about the love of Christ!

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