Note from Beth 2020-06-13

Dear Parents of KidLife students (birth through 5th grade) – I have been dreading writing this letter for quite some time. Those who know me, know that working with kids is my passion. These past couple months have been hard, leading KidLife online without the presence of children before my eyes is just not the same as in-person connection. I miss each and every one of the kids. As we begin to resume church at the building, we will not be having KidLife in person. No nursery or worship during the service. This may come to you and you were prepared for this, you have been practicing as a family on worshipping together. I also know that this may come to some and you are shocked and maybe are unsure of what worshipping as a family might look like for you. I found a great article (the blog is great too) that has some helpful information – strategies for worshipping with your kids.
With that being said, I am planning to still present a lesson online in our group page on Sunday mornings! If you have still not connected with us online please contact me so we can add you to the group.
As we move forward and the phase-in team makes decisions on phasing in children’s ministry, I will certainly keep you all in the know as to what this will look like and what the expectations will be. For now please follow guidelines given from the phase-in team for the whole congregation.
On another note, VBS in-person has been cancelled this year. This weighs very heavy on my heart. VBS is my jam! Together with Bridgeway we decided it was best practice to cancel. The loss of time on building the set, the safety measures needed, and most likely the shorthand of volunteers are among the things that helped us make this decision. We are planning to do something virtually, most likely late July or early August. More info to come. If you are interested in helping with a virtual VBS, packing take-home bags, leading a lesson on video, or any other jobs we might have, please contact me ASAP!
Lastly, over the past few months if you children have been keeping up with Sermon Notes, I will have a box out that they can deposit them into. The box will be located near the table to get masks. Candy will be given to those who completed 4 sermon notes.
As the world begins slowly opening back up, there will be a “new” normal. I pray that we will all have hearts for each other and that we will love one another no matter what.
If you have any questions or concerns or want to be a part of the children’s ministry phase-in planning team please contact me.