Note from Laura 2020-04-01

Hello! As we continue to provide connection and community online, it would be helpful to me to get your feedback. Please take a few minutes to look over these questions, and answer as many or as few as you would like.
I’ll start with an easy one:
1. Did you receive this? At the very least I would like to know who is not getting email. Those that I don’t hear back from will go on a list for our elders/deacons so they can get a clear picture of who needs to be contacted by phone rather than email.
And now for the rest (also easy):
2. Are you able to watch sermon videos each week? Which method do you usually use? (youtube, livestream, website, smart tv, audio only…)
3. Any suggestions on how we can help improve your viewing experience? Unfortunately, delivering coffee to your homes each week is not an option. 🙂
4. Do you have a facebook account? Instagram? Are you able to participate in zoom meetings? This helps us know where to concentrate our energies.
5. Have you visited our website in the last few days? Lots of changes and updates are taking place, and I want to make sure I provide the most useful information for everyone. What is helpful? Are things easy enough to find? What else would you like to see there?
6. Do you know of someone who is having a hard time with the technology of staying connected?
And finally, we need at least 500 subscribers to rename our youtube channel. It is currently just a string of letters and numbers. We would like to be able to change it to RRC Media to match our title. Please subscribe! Thanks!
Thank you for taking the time to respond!