Note from Tim 2020-04-07

Yes, that’s me in the mask—to make a point. What do you think of my homemade haircut (at Ruthie’s salon)?
We all know how there is a world-wide scramble to develop and deploy every possible medical, physical, and people resource to find a cure and to care for those who are sick with Covid-19. Imagine, in all of this scrambling, that there was one organization that found a vaccine, used and kept it for themselves, and then they all went on a long vacation while the rest of the world continued to struggle and die. Could that happen?
We also know that from the time we are born, everyone is desperately in need of care and the cure for sin and guilt. And through the death and resurrection of Jesus, we and the church have the cure. Could it be that we and the church have comfortably turned inward while the rest of the world continues to struggle and die in their sin? I am certainly guilty of this.
In the article linked here, Ed Stetzer demonstrates how this will be perhaps the most spiritually receptive week in our lifetime AND it’s Easter weekend! My mask (thank you to Janet Williams*) says “Pick Jesus” and refers to Romans 10:13 “For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” That’s the vaccine. And then vs. 14 says, “And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard?” That’s the medical people resources that God has chosen for administering the vaccine. People need to hear from us!
So, the article outlines a number of great ways for people to hear us. And this is a reminder, as a simple way for people to hear you, to create a short video (20 seconds or less) or write out a few sentences that share your story in answer to: How has Jesus changed my life? And then text** or email it into Laura by tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5 pm. You will find more details in my letter update from two days ago. What a great exercise just to think through your answer to that question and succinctly explain it to someone who is searching, right?
And, what a great encouragement it will be to see all of these testimonies blended together on Easter morning! Jesus is worthy of our efforts to hold him up for our broken world. Pray for his Spirit to revive us and our community while he shakes our trees and turns our world upside down!
Pastor Tim
* If you would like a mask, please contact Janet Williams at She will coordinate with the others who are making masks and get them to you as they become available. Limit one per household for now, unless there are two people who are leaving home to go to work. Mask description: each mask has 2 layers of high quality 100% cotton material (the high thread count eliminates the need for a filter pocket), 3 pleats in front to sufficiently cover nose and chin, and wire at top to fit snugly over nose.
** To receive text updates from RRC, and to be able to send photos or videos via text, text @rrcupdates to 81010. A few notes: You do not need to get the app, just texting works fine. If you reply to the text, it will ask for your name, and then if you are a student, parent, or teacher. Just choose parent. 🙂