Note from Tim 2020-06-19

Just a quick update for us all today… First, I am grateful as last Sunday’s worship went very well and it was so good to see many of you for the first time in a few months. It was a beautiful and encouraging day. As it relates to gathering for worship for at least the next few weeks, since it is the safest way, we will continue to meet outdoors, as weather permits. We are learning along the way and will make adjustments to how we gather—perhaps changing the gathering spot to a place with shade—and Laura will provide those details at least by Saturday each week. When there is some likelihood/forecast for rain/thunderstorms (such as there is for this Sunday), we will work to communicate (via email) our decision regarding whether we will meet by 7:30 AM on Sunday morning. If we do not meet because of weather, we will still provide an online service so that everyone can “join together” for worship in this way.
Beginning this Sunday, we will livestream our worship so that if you are unable to be physically with us, you can still have a much better sense of being with us in spirit. And then for those unable to join the livestream at that time, a recording of that same worship service will be available online thereafter. For this Sunday, we are prepared to distribute a pre-recorded worship service with music and sermon if the livestream is somehow unsuccessful.
As I noted earlier, I am deeply grateful for James Karsten’s service with us and look forward to his providing the sermon for us this weekend. On this Father’s Day weekend, he will preach on Matthew 6:25-34 regarding what it means for God to be our Father. Pray for a break with the weather and pray for God’s Spirit to work powerfully through his Word for his glory and our transformation.
There was a bit of news relating to the RCA General Synod meeting that had been scheduled for this fall. Click on this link to the RCA website so that you can stay informed about those developments.
Each one of us is called to be disciples who make disciples. Loving, caring for, and reaching out to our neighbors, family, and friends can often be one of our biggest challenges as we seek to be faithful in our mission for Christ. And this is especially the case during the pandemic season. And so I just want to highlight the Organic Outreach website as an outstanding and quality go-to resource and training center for podcasts, videos, articles, and much more.
Finally, I encourage you to actively love, care for, pray for (join the Prayer Partners Ministry), and encourage one another through phone calls, texts, visits, and much more. We want to be faithful as Christ is forever faithful to us.
Thank you for your love and encouragement for me through these crazy times.
Love and shalom,
Pastor Tim