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Rockford Reformed Church is launching a special survey asking for input on your spiritual life and our church’s role in it.

Our goal is to better understand what the church can do to support your spiritual growth.

We’d like to hear from everyone who calls RRC their church home (ages 18 and older). The more input we have, the better our efforts to support your spiritual growth will be. So please…take the survey!

The survey is comprehensive and thought provoking. We’re asking you to set aside 35 – 40 minutes to take it. Think of this time as an investment in your own spiritual life as well as the future of your church. Your specific answers will remain anonymous; only an overall report will be generated for the church as a whole.

The survey is online, so you may take it at home. We will also have computers at church available for you to use.

The survey must be completed between February 7 – 25.

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