Sermon 2020-04-12

Resurrection to Joy

Luke 24:1-9
Rev. Tim Meendering
April 12, 2020 – Easter

Order of Service

  • Welcome and Call to Worship
  • Christ the Lord is Risen Today – words and music
  • Hallelujah What a Savior – words and music
  • Sermon – Resurrection to Joy (scroll down for sermon notes)
  • In Christ Alone – words and music
  • Closing Blessing

Sermon Notes

Questions for family/small group discussions:
  • How have you seen God work for your joy and progress in life through the “chutes,” setbacks, or suffering of your life?
  • What are some ways that Jesus’ resurrection has been your resurrection?
A resurrection life—with deep and indestructible joy in the midst of the struggle is ours in two ways:
1. Big Dreams
  • What are some evidences that the small and temporary dreams of the women and Jesus’ other disciples had been shattered? (see Luke 24, John 20-21)
  • How can family or church be small and temporary dreams? What are some other small and temporary dreams that you have pursued? Why don’t our dreams that revolve around wealth, comfort, peace, and power ever deliver what our hearts long for?
  • What are some dreams that have evaporated for you in recent weeks?
  • How would you describe the big dream that Jesus reveals in Luke 24:45-49 and John reveals in Rev. 21:5? How does Jesus and his resurrection make this dream possible and how do you see your role in this dream?
  • How are the suffering and crosses and death swallowed up and overwhelmed by Jesus’ resurrection? What are some ways that all the losses and ruin will be restored to us in ways that we can not otherwise imagine? How does this make a difference for you today?
  • Do you see how we don’t want to settle for getting back to the old normal, and how do you see God working through the struggle of today?
  • What does it mean and how does it change things when no matter what happens in sickness, we will either live or live, be healed or be healed, well taken care of or well taken care of?
2. Ask With Bold Faith
  • What were some of the common responses to Jesus’ resurrection in Luke 24:4, 11, 25, 38? How do you see some of this reluctant lack of faith in your heart and life?
  • After Jesus made his resurrection appearances to the disciples, what were their and God’s responses in Acts 1:14 and Acts 2? What does this teach us about what should be our priorities today?
  • How can you take steps toward persistent prayer with God-sized dreams and bold faith? If Jesus didn’t come to keep us safe and comfortable, what does he want to give us and how do we get it?
  • Jesus suffered shame and death on the cross so that we, who deserve rejection and death, can live and dance in the joy of God’s love and acceptance. How can you dance in that joy and invite the world to the picnic you enjoy through Jesus this week?