Sermon 2020-04-19

Burning Hearts

Luke 24:13-34
Rev. Tim Meendering
April 19, 2020

Order of Service

Sermon Notes

Questions for family/small group discussions:
  • How does “Eeyore” show up in your heart, mind, and life these days? Eeyore said that “we all have our little ways.” What lost or disturbed “little ways” have been most upsetting for you?
  • Recall a time when your heart “burned” when some pieces of the puzzle that reveal Jesus were put into place. What were some of those pieces or facets of Jesus that were meaningful?
How do we change from being a foolish and slow Eeyore to be a burning heart missionary? We need to see and embrace Jesus in two ways:
1. Your Savior
  • When you consider the concerns of the two Jesus-followers in our story, how does a focus on the external, temporary, others, and circumstances show up in your heart and life? Why would it be important to focus on a change of heart condition rather than a change of life circumstances?
  • List some of the ways that our culture and endless advisors reinforce the intense focus on the external, temporary, others, and circumstances.
  • How does it matter to you that Jesus lived the life you should have lived and died the death that you should have died? How does this change your ability to find hope and joy for whatever your circumstances?
  • What was key for the Apostle Paul to be content in whatever circumstances (Philippians 4:10-13)? Since Paul did not pray for a change of circumstances, what did he most often pray for and why (Ephesians 3:18-19)?
  • What does the redemption described in 1 Peter 1:17-19 say about the why and how of the cross? Unlike the two Jesus-followers in our story who blamed the rulers for Jesus’ death, what is essential for us to personally apply and revel in the gospel story? Why is understanding both the depth of your sin and the Father’s stunning love and acceptance so vital? How does it change the way you see and embrace Jesus and change your life?
2. Your Hero
  • How might the conversation with the two men changed if Jesus had immediately revealed himself? What does Jesus’ approach with these men say about how he comes to you? What can you learn about your approach to those who are “slow” and “foolish” from Jesus’ encounter with the two men? What is your level of confidence for leading someone through the Bible to show them Jesus?
  • When you read all of the Bible and see that it’s all about Jesus, how does that change things for you? Why is it that the more that you see Jesus revealed, the more your heart will ignite and burn? How does this relate to what Paul often prayed for?
  • Why might we tend to see ourselves as the primary actors or doers? Can you recall some ways that you have depended on self-efforts and made yourself the hero? What are the results of putting ourselves at the center of the Bible stories and texts? Why does it matter that Jesus is the Hero so that you don’t have to be?
    (I see since I recorded my sermon that it was Carly Simon rather than Helen Reddy who recorded “You’re So Vain.”)
  • When you give up being the hero and trust in Jesus as the Hero of your story, how does it work that you then can be heroic with a burning heart?
  • What are some examples of how Jesus is the truth to which all great stories point—both in the Bible and in the stories/movies of our culture?
  • What goals can you make or steps can you take to help others see Jesus throughout his Word? AND how can you become better equipped to ask questions to help others see? Share your goals with your spouse or friend and ask them to hold you accountable.
Resources for study, application and equipping to become a disciple who makes disciples:
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