Sermon 2020-04-26

Resurrection for the Mess

Luke 24:36-49
Rev. Tim Meendering
April 26, 2020

Order of Service

  • Welcome and Call to Worship
  • Song – How Great is Our God (see this morning’s email for lyrics)
  • Song – How Great Thou Art
  • Song – My One Comfort
  • Sermon – Resurrection for the Mess (scroll down for sermon notes)
  • Song – Grace Alone
  • Closing Blessing

Sermon Notes

Questions for family/small group discussions:
  • How would you work to convince someone that Jesus is alive? How do you see evidence of Jesus’ resurrection in your own heart and life? What story would you tell if someone asked you about why you believe in the resurrection of Jesus?
The resurrection matters and impacts us in at least three ways:
1. Jesus alone can satisfy the deepest desires of your heart.
  • When you consider Jesus’ eating with his disciples in vs. 41-43 and Jesus’ invitation in Revelation 3:20, what does this say about the relationship that Jesus offers to us?
  • Through this virus season, how have you most experienced or struggled through your need for relationship and connection with others?
  • In what ways have you looked for someone to “complete” you and what were the results? What can happen when we look for a spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend to bear the weight of your needs and expectations? What are some ways that our culture, music, and movies promote this idea that a person can satisfy our deepest desires?
  • How has Jesus satisfied your deepest desires and provided rest for the restlessness? How do you know and experience Jesus alive and with you?
2. We are sent.
  • We saw how in vs. 48 how Jesus tells his followers that they are “witnesses of these things.” If you were to be a witness to how the resurrection has shaped and changed you, how are you different and what would you say to someone who asks about your faith?
  • What do Romans 8:21, Acts 3:21, and 2 Peter 3:13 say about what God is doing with the same power that raised Jesus from the dead? How does this shape your mission?
  • How does the resurrection impact your dreams that haven’t or may never come true? How did the resurrection impact Joni Eareckson Tada as it relates to her severe disability, chronic pain, and struggles with her body? What can you learn from Joni for your own struggles?
  • How does it change things when your joy is not tied to what happens in this world? Do you see how you really will not miss out on anything and you can be free from or uncontrolled by the physical/material world? Jesus eating fish with his disciples was a small taste of the banquet feast that we will eat with Jesus. What else can we look forward to that frees us from having our joy tied to this world?
3. He redeems our wounds and sorrows.
  • In vs. 40, why would Jesus show them his hands and feet? What do the scars/wound prints say about the way that leads to the joy and victory of resurrection?
  • Have you seen God redeem the worst of wounds and sorrows and turned them into the deepest joys of your life journey? How has he done that?
  • The disciples thought that the wounds/death of Jesus were the end for them but God actually used them to save them. What is a way that God has taken some of the bad things in your life and made them part of your rescue?
  • Is there a tragedy, wound, or “might-have-been” in your life where you can now see that God will include them, redeem them, and turn them into a source of joy? Take time to pray and commit to trust in the power, hope, and joy of the resurrection for whatever comes your way.
Resources for further study, application, and loving Jesus: