Sermon 2020-06-14

Heaven’s Rain

Isaiah 55
Rev. Tim Meendering
June 14, 2020

Order of Service

  • Welcome and Call to Worship
  • Song – How Great is Our God
  • Song – Grace Alone
  • Sermon – Heaven’s Rain (scroll down for sermon notes)
  • Song – How Firm a Foundation
  • Closing Blessing

Sermon Notes

Questions for family/small group discussions:
  • When you read Isaiah 55, what is it that will make it so “that your soul may live”?
  • We see from verses 4-5 that God calls his people to be a witness to the radically transforming love relationship that we enjoy with God and invite others into it. As you serve as a witness to others, how do you or would you describe the relationship that you enjoy with God and how would you invite them into it?
  • Describe a relationship that you have had where you “spent yourself” and poured your very heart out for them. How do you see the gospel at work when you come alongside those in need? What does it mean that our relationships provide a constant, deeply needed demonstration AND test of the gospel?
When it comes to the calling, ministry, and life that God has for us, the breakdown is nearly always related to our unwillingness to accept God’s invitation to joy. How do we come home to a life of joy in God?
1. The promises of God’s Word
  • How do you see that you are “thirsty” and always looking to be satisfied? What are some ways that you tend to spend and labor for what does not satisfy?
  • How does God’s Word and his promises provide richness, satisfaction, joy, beauty, and the very essentials of life?
  • How have you seen cancer or some other event, in your life or another’s life, provide an awakening and laser focus on the only bread, wine, and milk that will truly satisfy?
  • What is your typical go-to “spiritual sugar” that you turn to for your identity, comfort, love, or status?
  • What does it mean that “gospel identity empowers and drives gospel mission” or “you will be witnesses to the degree that you are reveling in the identity that is yours through Jesus”?
2. The pardon of God’s Word
  • What are the greatest challenges to our responding to God’s commands to seek, forsake, and return to the Lord?
  • How does Jesus make it possible for us to “buy” without money and without price? What does it mean that for us to return to God, all you need is need? Why is simply bringing our need so difficult for us?
3. The power of God’s Word
  • When you read verses 10-11, what is the purpose of God’s Word that will be accomplished?
  • How can it be that R.C. Sproul could be dramatically converted by Ecclesiastes 11:3?
  • How do you tend to underestimate the power of God’s Word? How has God’s Word been heaven’s rain for you? What steps can you take to make God’s Word more effective to be heaven’s rain for you?