Sermon 2020-07-12

Beautiful Wreck

Genesis 3
Series: Who Are You and Where Are You Going?
Rev. Tim Meendering

Order of Service

  • Welcome and Call to Worship
  • Song – Behold Our God
  • Song – Jesus Paid it All
  • Sermon – Beautiful Wreck
  • Song – Before the Throne of God Above
  • Closing Blessing

Sermon Notes

Questions for family/small group discussions:
  • What are some images or words that you would use to describe the devastating effects of the wreck of sin in the world and personally in your own life? How does understanding the source of sin’s wreckage help you make sense of the world and your own struggles?
The cause, the effects, and the clean-up of the cosmic wreck of sin:
1. The cause
  • How much do you think about Satan still actively working to destroy and sow doubt? How have you experienced a breakdown in your trust and dependence on God and his Word?
  • What has been your experience in standing firm with trust and dependence on God and his Word?
  • How might we lose sight of the abundance and freedom that God provides and how can we gain the sight of it again? Recall a way that you may have been tempted to think that God is too strict or stringent.
  • Where are you most often tempted to deny God’s Word and think that you know better? In what way have you become a slave to sin? How might you have become a seducer of others into sin?
  • In what area of your life do you most often choose your way and judgment rather than God’s way and Word? How have you experienced a flourishing when you trusted God and his Word?
  • What step can you take to give your spouse/kids the gift of a thorough knowledge of God’s Word? In what area of your life can you make a commitment to God’s way—no matter what the cost?
2. The effect or fallout of sin…
  • How has God most worked to lead you to confession and coming clean before him? How have you most experienced the power of his Word to reveal your sin and trust in him?
  • In what ways have you become calloused to the shame of sin? How have you tried to hide your sin and shame?
  • When you think about the curse of sin and the deep struggles of our world today, what most weighs on you and leads you to cry out to God?
3. God’s plan for a clean-up or restoration
  • What is the glory and significance of God’s promise in Genesis 3:15 that the seed of the woman will bruise the head of the serpent? How does this ultimately play out for us?
  • What did Jesus do about our sin, guilt, and shame and how does he provide a covering for us?
  • What is the significance of Jesus’ temptations and obedience in Luke 4:1-13?
  • We considered how our Father views and welcomes us in spite of our sin and broken promises. What does it mean that we are not only viewed differently; we can act differently? How has Jesus made it possible for us to love and trust God’s Word and love and care for people?
  • Take time to confess sin and self-trust and thank God for his provision through Jesus.