Sermon 2020-08-02

Little Christs

Colossians 4:5-6
Series: Who Are You and Where Are You Going?
Rev. Tim Meendering

Order of Service

  • Welcome & Prayer
  • Sermon – Little Christs
  • Communion
  • Song – Let Your Kingdom Come
  • Song – My One Comfort
  • Closing Blessing

Sermon Notes

Questions for family/small group discussions:
  • Can you see the ways that you may have made church attendance and corporate worship an end in itself?
  • How do you see the pandemic as an opportunity for a major advance for Christ’s mission to make disciples?
  • What do Isaiah 55:11 and Acts 13:46-47 say about what God is doing and what is to be our role? What are some ways that you have taken up this role in the past week?
  • Can you identify with needing to push yourself away from eating at the table and get to work?
How are we to do our part in God’s purpose of gathering in a harvest?
1. Speak to God about people.
  • What do your prayers most tend to focus on? How much do you pray for an open door for the gospel? How might your life change if you were to consistently pray into the direction of a life about God and his Word bearing fruit?
  • In what areas of your life are you most tempted to live for yourself? Take time to confess and repent of these areas.
  • What does it mean that UR a “little Christ” called to lead others to become “little Christs”? What step can you take this week to shift your prayers toward opening the door for the gospel?
2. Speak to people about God.
  • Be wise with not-yet-believers
      • We said that wisdom is the knowledge of God/gospel AND action for God/gospel. How equipped are you in knowing God and the gospel and thus taking action for God/gospel? What steps can you take to get better equipped for this wisdom?
      • What are some elements of the glorious indicative or reality that is ours that is revealed in Colossians 1:13-14? How should these elements guide your response and obedience?
      • Do you see how your daily absorbing of the wonder and grace of Jesus is foundational for your ability to love and act like Jesus? How can you take a step to daily soak in this wonder and grace of Jesus?
      • What is the only thing that really matters in life and at death? (See 1 Thessalonians 2:19)
  • Grab every opportunity
      • How would you describe your alertness, intensity, and readiness while hunting for an open door to speak about Jesus?
      • Can you see how the pandemic is providing some of our best opportunities to rise up and meet the needs of our neighbors and friends and co-workers? How can you take a step this week toward social but NOT relational distancing?
  • Redemptive conversation
      • Do you think in terms of having your conversations be characterized by grace and humility (also see 1 Peter 3:15)?
      • Just as salt makes food taste better and be preserved, what are some ways that your conversations can make things better for the other person (see Ephesians 4:29)? Can you think of a time when someone was drawn to you and perhaps even asked about Jesus because of your gracious and selfless conversation with them?
      • How might you make a friend thirsty for Jesus through your conversation?
Books/articles/blogs for further reading/study/maturity: