A Father’s Heart

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Malachi 4:2-6 • sermon notes below
The day of the Lord is a time when our Heavenly Father will make all things right.
– The day of the Lord has already come in Christ, and will fully come when Christ returns.
When earthly fathers are filled with the Spirit of the Heavenly Father, they will experience His Fatherhood and express His Fatherhood.
Children long for and need fathers who express the nature of our Heavenly Father.
– Children need a father’s unconditional love.
– Children need a father’s blessing.
– Children need a father’s presence.
– Children need a father’s protection.
– Children need a father’s provision.
– Children need a father’s guidance.
– Children need a father’s discipline.
Our Response: God is the perfect Father for whom we long; receive his fatherly love, and trust him to empower you to express his life-giving love to others.
Life Application Questions
– What traits of our Heavenly Father’s love do you need to receive today?
– Are there areas where your earthly father fell short where you need to receive healing from your Heavenly Father?
– If you are a Father, which traits of your Heavenly Father’s love do you most need to show to your children this week?

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