The Reformed View of Baptism

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Acts 2:38-39 and others • sermon notes below
Should infants be baptized? The Bible implies, and history confirms, that children were baptized as an expression of God’s Covenant Promises.
– God’s covenant is not with individuals in isolation, but with families.
– The practice of infant baptism was nearly universal in the early church.

Does baptism save us? No, we are saved as we trust in Jesus to forgive us and give us new birth by the Spirit; baptism is a sign and seal of Christ’s saving work.

Are those who die in infancy saved? We believe that children who have not rejected Christ are saved.

What responsibility does infant baptism place upon parents? We must embrace God’s promise for our children, raising them in homes full of faith and truth.

What response does infant baptism call for from our children? Baptism testifies that the Spirit is at work in our children; they must respond to God’s work by putting their trust in Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

Our Response: Let us embrace the promised work of the Holy Spirit proclaimed in our children’s baptism, and together raise them in the training and instruction of the Lord.

Life Application Questions
– Do you believe that the Holy Spirit is working in your children right now, and do you watch for and encourage what God is doing in their lives?
– How is God prompting you to express your faith to your children? (Bible reading, family prayers, talking about the sermon, asking about Sunday school)
– How might God be prompting you to participate in raising the children of our congregation in the training and instruction of the Lord?

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