Updates from the RRC Staff

Staff meeting pre-C19 – we were so young and innocent!
Staff meeting now – complete with barking dogs and noisy kids!
Staff Email

Note from Beth 2020-03-21

Checking in and wanted to let you know that KidLife will continue online during this time. I will be live on Facebook Sunday mornings at 9:30am and will continue Wednesday evenings at 7pm. You will also be receiving a weekly email Tuesday mornings as a check-in, where I will give you some ideas for activities to continue Christian education at home. Please help me to stay connected with your kids. I miss everyone dearly!


Note from Tim 2020-03-20

My social extrovert wife, as I walked into the room where she was sitting quietly alone, just said, “This is going to get old.” (Apparently, I am not enough for her. ☺) On the other hand, two days ago, a friend communicated her glee at finding out that her normal daily lifestyle is called “quarantine.” But even for the introvert, this is a bizarre and eerie season that levies radical adjustments. It seems much longer than a week ago that our consistory met to discuss whether to hold worship as we are now settled into isolation and dependence on some internet-fed rectangle for worship, communication, and connection.


Note from Mike 2020-03-19

Let’s be honest – this is one heck of a crazy time. School is cancelled, TP is nowhere to be found, and people are working from home. The other day I left Aldi, and the person in front of me had twelve bottles of vegetable oil (why in the world does anyone need that much vegetable oil!?). So much going on, and now we aren’t even gathering together for worship on Sunday mornings?


Note from Beth 2020-03-18

This has certainly been a whirlwind of a week. As I am sure most of you are doing as well, I am slowly but surely adjusting to a new rhythm of life. This is an opportunity for us as leaders, at church or in your home, to change how we do things. I am currently working on how to keep community while giving content you as parents can use to be the spiritual leaders in your home.


Note from Tim 2020-03-17

It has become clear to our leadership, based on government/CDC orders, recommendations, and projections, that all church worship, activities, and events should be cancelled indefinitely. Indefinitely means that we don’t know how long this will be necessary and we will resume everything as soon as it is safe to do so. Our staff successfully “met” online this morning with barking dogs and restless kids in the background and the primary topic revolved around how we do ministry and pursue our vision with our new normal.


Note from Tim 2020-03-13

Our leadership has decided to cancel our Sunday worship service and various group gatherings into at least next week. While we labored over this decision last night, it has become clear that we should honor the governor’s executive order to cancel all events over 250 people and do our part to mitigate the virus’ quick spread into our community and thus strain/overwhelm our medical community. This means that for next week, there will be no gatherings for anyone on Sunday or Wednesday evening and the Youth Garage Sale is postponed. Check our website/emails for news about other smaller gatherings. And then our consistory is scheduled to meet again next week Thursday about the renovation project and so we will at that time also evaluate how to proceed for the week(s) following.