World Vision Ballot

World Vision Ballot

In honor of RRC Children’s Ministries, we have decided to do something a little different this year in lieu of Christmas gifts. Week 2 of our “Get Ready for Christmas” lessons had us all thinking – is it better to give or receive? There were some mixed feelings about this.

This year we have decided to GIVE in honor of our children and leaders to World Vision! The fun part is that the kids, along with their families, get to decide what we are going to give! Below you will find three pictures with different options for giving. Please talk and pray about this with your family and decide on one option: (a) a goat & 2 chickens, (b) 5 ducks, 1 chicken, & 2 rabbits, or (c) 3 ducks & a goat!

For your vote to count (and we want it to!), please cut out the option you have chosen and bring it with you to church. The kids will then place it in a voting box and we will announce on December 15 which option has won!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Download the 2013 ballot here!

And the winner is….1 Goat and 2 Chickens!

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